Comedy Reviews

Ahmet Bilge

Ahmet Bilge 150 150 chasej

“Great comedian! Very relatable and funny material! 🙂 Enjoyed her performance!”

Greg Fortier

Greg Fortier 150 150 chasej

There’s warmth and honesty in her comedy, and that’s what makes this new voice so refreshing. That, and she’s just plain funny.”

Divya Gugnani

Divya Gugnani 150 150 chasej

Zarna is the life of any party. Her wit and humor has everyone laughing.”

Shikha Bhakoo

Shikha Bhakoo 150 150 chasej

Funnybrownmom is beyond hilarious. I love how Zarna sees humor in everyday life situations and conversations. I cannot wait for her next comedy show.”

Jennifer Kurani

Jennifer Kurani 150 150 chasej

“Zarna is a delight to watch on stage! She is hilarious and witty and has everyone laughing. Great comedian!”

Akanksha Dadlani

Akanksha Dadlani 150 150 chasej

Super refreshing take on comedy! Nothing too crude. Just a light, simple funny take on our lives today. Highly recommend 👌”

Milan Chakraborty

Milan Chakraborty 150 150 chasej

“So funny and so original. Great to get a fresh (& clean) perspective from a new voice in comedy. A woman, a mom, an immigrant….. a force! Looking forward to hearing more.”

Susanne H.

Susanne H. 150 150 chasej

“Zarna is a hilarious comedienne! She is warm, authentic, adorable and VERY funny! She should be on TV! Love her writing & stand-up shows. A+ 5 Stars! Go see her show. Bring your mother :-)”

The Interro Bang

The Interro Bang 150 150 chasej

“The HinJews show with Zarna Garg is always a sellout and is a crowd favorite!”

Cory Kahaney

Cory Kahaney 150 150 chasej

“Some people are naturally funny; Zarna is one of those people. She is a force of nature and it is always a pleasure to watch her take the stage.”


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