Blog post: Your Fears Are Normal

Blog post: Your Fears Are Normal

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Hi, welcome to Zarna’s journey.

I’m creating this blog, primarily to share the behind the scenes of the screenwriting business, stand-up comedy business and the speaking business.

I hope to encourage you all to take a chance at whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do and get involved in your own special way.

The first thing that held me back before I could start any business was my insecurity around my ability to write in a coherent, intelligent way – the grammar, punctuation, will I make sense? I will probably sound stupid.

I never learned the rules of grammar as a child. It’s a fact. I don’t understand any of the things people talk about in America, –prepositions, suppositions, even noun, verb is all vague. I have to look it up constantly.

And I’ve learned that this insecurity is not limited to foreign language speakers like me, but rather, I have native English speakers express their fears to me all the time.

That fear is real and is holding so many people back and I just want to say – JUMP IN NOW! The idea and thought that you want to communicate is so much more valuable than the perfect prose needed to communicate it. Don’t let a period, comma or hypotenuse stop you! We live in the age of a 140 characters and odd abbreviations, be empowered by those options and get started. Also there are only a million editing apps, get your ideas going, however rickety the start may be and use technology to balance out your weaknesses.

You may create something that will be judged harshly, that will embarrass you, that will even possibly get you canceled in this culture – but by not creating anything, you’re canceling yourself – why would you ever do that?

Your ideas and your stories are valuable – if you don’t tell them, no one else will. (My editor fixed the punctuation on this blog post – the first draft that I wrote looks like a murder scene with red ink splattered all over it.)



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